Similarly 'your' and 'you're' are two different words but on many occasions we use them in each other place without noticing. Macaulay imputes this reduction to Hastings as a characteristic act of financial immorality; but in truth it had been expressly enjoined by the court of directors, in a despatch dated six months before he took up office. The soldier spends six years in the Territorial Army, and six in the reserve of the Territorial Army. In Rome and Alexandria, and even in Jerusalem, Holy Week was included in Lent and the whole fast lasted but six weeks, Saturdays, however, not being exempt. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. Both the sentences have exact words but just the placement of a comma changes the meaning of a sentence. The Senate was to consist of the same number of members (not less than six) for each state, the term of service being six years, but subject to an arrangement that half the number would retire every three years. In the middle of the body, where the limits of the somites can be checked by a comparison with the arrangement of the nephridia and the gonads, and where the ganglia are quite distinct and separated by long connectives, each ganglion is seen to consist of six masses of cells enclosed by capsules and to give off three nerves on each side. In 1274 the council of Lyons imposed a tax of a tenth part of all church revenues during the six following years for the relief of the Holy Land. On the 18th of December 1573 Alva, who to the end had persisted in his policy of pitiless severity, left Brussels, carrying with him the curses of the people over whom he had tyrannized for six terrible years of misery and oppression. There is some evidence that the "tradition of the six canoes" does not represent the first contact of the Polynesian race with New Zealand. If on each occasion he himself made the observations his voyage must have extended over six years; but it is not impossible that he ascertained the approximate length of the longest day in some cases by questioning the natives. With " very hard " water this deposit may require removal every three months; in London it is usual to clean out the boiler every six months and the cylinders and tanks at longer intervals. By a statute of 1633 landholders were enabled to have their tithes valued, and to buy them either at nine or six years' purchase, according to the nature of the property. The Alexander legend was the theme of poetry in all European languages; six or seven German poets dealt with the subject, and it may be read in French, English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Flemish and Bohemian. It lasted six days (April 28 - May 3), the first day being the anniversary of the foundation of her temple. This boy is between six and ten summers, when his body is strong enough to contain the beast and yet still pure. This cost him his seat in Congress after the 4th of March 1817, and for the next six Years he was engaged chiefly in the practice of law in the courts of Massachusetts and before the U.S. Supreme Court. Mrs. Barnett, you're four to six weeks pregnant. Lafone, a wealthy cattle and hide merchant on the river Plate, obtained from government a grant of the southern portion of the island, a peninsula 600,000 acres in extent, and possession of all the wild cattle on the island for a period of six years, for a payment of £10,000 down, and £20,000 in ten years from January 1, 1852. The age limit is six to nine years for the lower grade, and up to twelve for the higher grade, attendance being obligatory at the latter also where it exists. A man was only bound to serve so many (six ?) They may be distinguished from the Malacodermata by the presence of only five or six abdominal sterna, while six malpighian tubes are present in some of the families. He drew a deep breath, refreshed by the idea of slaughtering six bad guys at one time. Even if you join such complete sentences with a comma, it would be considered a comma splice. The archdeacons are appointed by their respective bishops, and they are, by an act of 1840, required to have been six full years in priest's orders. It was after six am, but still not full daylight. Carmen's first impulse was to snatch Destiny back, but the six months waiting period had long passed. A mature bull weighs over a ton and can be six feet or more at the hump. After his arrival at Safed Luria lived at most six years, and died in 1572. Here are some examples. For speeds over six knots a 14-second glass is employed, and the speed indicated by the log-line is doubled. On the other hand, in the six years, 1892-97, the excess of Russian emigration over immigration was 207,353, as compared with an excess of foreign immigration over emigration of only 136,740. He could see the biker clearly now, six or seven telephone poles ahead. In the eastern and western portions of this city are situated the residences of the highest dignitaries of the empire; while beyond its confines on the south stand the offices of the six of f icial boards which direct the affairs of the eighteen provinces. I I, 13), occupied Edom for six months and devastated it; it was garrisoned and permanently held by David (2 Sam. His father, who was physician to the constable Charles of Bourbon, sent him to study at Toulouse, whence at the age of eighteen he was driven, a consequence of the evil fortunes of the family patron, to Padua, where he studied law and letters for about six years.