People need a place where they can relax and relieve the stress even for just a short while. Submit your documents to the franchisor via email. At the end of the day, its between you and your God. BEST FRANCHISE BUSINESS PHILIPPINES: List of 7 Low Capital Business Franchise. There are also other cold beverages that many Filipinos are so into, here are some of the most popular options: Star FrappeFranchise Fee: P99,000Website: franchiseinquiry101@gmail.comContact Numbers: ZaguFranchise Fee: P370,000 – P450,000Website: sales@zagushakes.comContact Numbers: FruitasFranchise Fee: Starts at P300,000Website: info@fruitasgroup.comContact Numbers: Citrus ZoneFranchise Package: P280,000 – P350,000Facebook: partners@citruszonerefreshment.comContact Numbers: BubbletealiciousFranchise Package: P350,000Website: Email: franchising@bubbatealicious.comContact Numbers: Water is a basic need; no one can survive without it, particularly clean and drinkable water. Cost Serving. Related: How to Buy a Business in the Philippines. I’ll be in Manila Sept. 14-23. Do you live in the Philippines? I’m interested in learning how you get started in your ventures (from your days in the mil, to gov, to entrepreneurship and everything in between). The Banana Experience Franchise is a Philippines-based company which promotes and sells desserts based on the banana. Their branches should be increasing in number and operating for a long time. Small Business Ideas with Small Capital in the Philippines 1. It’s a win-win situation. Food Cart and Restaurant: How to Franchise, Costs and Details; Tips on Starting an Apartment Business in the Philippines; Starting a Siomai House Food Cart Franchise: How to and Costs; Small Business Ideas with Small Capital of P20,000.00 and Below Freelance Services i.e. Quicklean is a popular laundry shop that boasts of a one-hour laundry service. Since the 1980’s, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of fast foods and even international chains such as IHOP and Dairy Queen have several branches in the country. There are more than 800 Jollibee outlets in the Philippines and more than 100 stores in USA, Hong Kong, Brunei, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Singapore. Many thanks. Interested to franchise. They must also be licensed with specific government agencies depending on their industry. We can assist you for your requirements. Consider factors like traffic patterns, parking, nearby stores, and check with the franchisor if you’ll be guaranteed protected territory – this means that no other franchise can open within a certain radius. i want to seek for your help in giving me information about franchising business. Written by PayMaya Enterprise. If you’re new to all of these, you have to consider taking classes. Hi. A bakery business fetches a hefty price: about P150,000. The minimum investment required to be part of a water supply franchise in the Philippines will cost you a minimum of P20,000. Focus on food concepts that have a ready market, favorable food cost and do not require large startup capital. I think those are always a good idea as well. I own a bakeshop located in argao, cebu, it is already in operation, if you are interested to buy this business and start making 30-40 kpeso per month net profit with less owner involvement, please contact me to discuss. Interested in a franchise business but can’t find it in our list above? Any advise would help. Would-be investors have the option to franchise businesses engaged in food, services, and trading. With over 2,500 branches across the country, this remittance, lending, and money exchange company is a household name when it comes to sending money across the country or abroad.

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